Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hmmm.... what to write about today...

I got nuthin...

No I do but I'm in the bed and don't feel like writing all that I need to to effectively tell a story.

gotta tell y'all about Flame tomorrow. Pure crazy.

I'm just trying to stay awake until my baby finishes unwinding enough from the gym to call and say goodnight. 

Bombshell. I like that word. I wanna be a bombshell. That is my goal. Imma lose a little weight and get myself together.  Bombshell is my new motivation word.  It will be my goal in evrything.  Not just looks.  Imma be bombshell in everything I do.

I think I just got an idea! Oh now I can't wait to talk to my crabbycrabster


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