Monday, November 14, 2011

Here I go again with this bullshit...

Welp.  I'm sure we all knew it was coming.  We all knew soon I would come around to this... because I always do don't I?  Don't I?

I'm not happy right now...  we all know I have these downs every now and then and right now I'm on a down.  And he doesn't make it any better.

In his defense... the chick who sits next to me at work says I'm being over sensitive about work stuff.  So... I'm probably being over sensitive outside of work too.

First thing that bugged me,  Saturday he didn't pay enough attention to me.  Too much tv watching.  Not enough encouraging ohs and ahs and babys.

Second.  Sunday.  He just acted like it was not Sunday and I was not expecting to come over.  He said he had to do something with Flip.  That's fine.  But don't tell me when I call and say I'm on my way.  Tell me the second you find out. Then he referred to Flip as OlGirl.


Since when you call your daughter OlGirl

I don't trust shit like that.

I'm not trusting him.

Today.  When do I NOT come over after work?  Um... if I can I always pick him up from the train.  We always chill afterwork unless it just is not possible. Then today "i got something to do."

I'm bout to tell him I'm not happy....

We all know how that convo goes....

But he's sounding mad suspect lately...


  1. Before you flip--has he done anything in the past that turned out to be shady? Has this suspect behavior been justified before? I know this may sound overly naive, but try giving him the benefit of doubt. Getting all emotional and accusing might push him further away. I get all kinds of crazy when I get even a whiff of suspicion from Rabbit, but it always turns out to be something benign that I cooked up in my own head. So I always try to give it a few days before I say something rash. And I'm always glad I waited because it always turns out to be something my head dreamt up instead. Give it another day before you make that call. I'm sure it's nothing.

  2. WhoopsA. Too late. He said isn't he entitled to have a down day. He didn't remember calling Flip OlGirl and yes he doesn't normally call her that but don't I say things I don't normally say and does that mean I'm seeing something. I was all I know I know I'm not accusing...


    Then I told him I don't trust him anymore and its because I gotta keep my guard up. He sounded hurt. I'm an asshole!