Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yup I'm certifiable

Awww... I just called my CrabMan and told him I love soooo much today! And that I can't stop thinking about him this morning and I want him to have a great day!

Y'all know I'm insanely emotional sometimes so my abundance of love for him this morning has been occasionally spilling out my eyes. You know sometimes my love for him makes me cry. And today is one of those days. Maybe because I took an extra dose of B12 this morning. And listened to Drake Find Your love which was his usual ringtone. Everytime I hear that song I get teary. Cause I love him so much

And... I'll have you know that I sat next to him Saturday and was all wrapped around his leg like a snake. I was. Next I'mma wrap myself around his body. I am.

This dude I met Saturday kind of had a good way of looking at things. When you have time with your person (man, woman or whatever it is Crab and I are) you can be all over them with no apologies because eventually you are going home and they can be alone and not touched then. But until then get in all the cuddling and snuggling you want.

I'mma touch him in a non-sexual affectionate manner the next time I see him

Be-Cause I Luuuuuuuuv him!

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