Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys!

I went to Child Support court last week and ended up with four times what I'd been asking him for a month. And HE was the one who said "Go to child support! i'm tired of having this conversation with you."

So now he's gonna keep complaining about it. He told the lady at Child Support that he needed a list of homeless shelters now. That's bull b/c he was paying another chick the same amount until about a year ago when his daughter was taken off b/c she's 19 and not in school. Yesterday he said he couldn't take our son this weekend because he needed to work overtime now that his income has changed... -_-

He needs to stop the BS.

Anyway. I'm so glad. I was paying $500/mo for before/aftercare. That was a big strain on me. Things are looking up!

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