Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gotta get it out

Do you ever feel so full of love for a person your heart feels like it may burst?

I gotta let it out!  Sorry for the sappyness but here it goes

I love that man.  Everything about him.  I can't imagine any alternative but to devote every peice of my heart to him.  I try not to talk to him about the future because he may not see me in his future in the same way that I see him in mine but I can't imagine being with anyone but him! 

Everytime I see his picture pop up on my phone and I hear Beyonce say

If I ain't got nothin... I got you!

My heart skips a beat. It becomes urgent, imperative, critical that I answer that phone!

Today we were talking about his perception of himself and I said "I know my opinion doesn't count much cause you think I'm crazy" and he laughed and said "yeah you would say I'm the best looking person in the whole world" and I was like "you're damned right.  Nobody looks better than you!"  And I honestly truly believe that. Name the finest celeb and I'll tell you they have nothing, nothing on Crab." I think that's what its all about in the long run.  Loving the person you have. Every bit of them. And celebrating them! I celebrate that soft hair on his head and his eye lids. I like his eyelids.  And the bridge of his nose. Love that too. And his lips the are so kiss worthy.  His chest and his butt and his thighs. And his gorgeous feet and toes.  Yup.

I love his sense of humor and when he laughs. His sinister laugh and his crack up laugh when he says ooooooh.... at the end.

I love the way he loves love.  And how sensitive he is to people's feelings.  He cares. He's a friggin humanitarian he is.

I love how he looks out for me and wants to know that I'm ok.

Everyday I we see if our schedules are going to let us see each other.  Today we coordinated and I told him

"I can't wait to see you"

And he said "I can't wait either"

I was shocked.  I never thought of him thinking of me like that.  Like being excited to see me.

Ok. I think I'm done for now...

Thank you reading if you did.  I just really needed to write it. I had to get it out!


  1. I completely understand what you mean. I feel this every time I think of Sir. He has no idea how exhilarating it is to hear his voice, smell him, feel him, touch him, taste him. All of that love has to come out at some point.

  2. I knew you'd know. I can already tell by the way you talk about Sir Darkness that you love that man HARD just like I love my Crabby Crabster