Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You've Been VERY VERY BAD!

OKAY. So I get these ideas in my head that I'm being punished for things. Or taught lessons. So today I have gone through the following emotions before deciding I was being punished by Crab.

Annoyed -
Crab hasn't answered his phone. He must have decided to sleep late.

Worried -
OMG. I hope he's ok. He said he was feeling like he was coming down with a cold last night when I went by. He looked ok. OMG. OMG. I hope he's ok. What if he's achey and has no advil. If I don't speak to him tonight I'm calling Flip to make sure he's ok

Angry -
WTF! You know I'm going crazy. The least you could do is CALL! ARGHHHH...

Suspicious -
He's probably trying to punish me for my jealousy. I mean we aren't together. He's not my man. I shouldn't be jealous. That will just push him away anyway. Oh well. I imagine I will just have to take my punishment.

This is all very neurotic. When I speak to him he'll probably say he slept late then had a meeting, then went to lunch. Then he took a nap (yes he tends to nap at work o_O) Then he got a project and couldn't talk. Or something like that. He always says that punishment/lesson thought is ridiculous. I once told him I thought he never had sex with me because he was trying to teach me not to be slutty (not that I am slutty) and to keep my legs closed. He laughed and said that was not the case.

Who knows though.

All I do know is that it's driving me CA-RAZE-EEE

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