Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad Combination

Um I don't know if I've told you all about my over active immagination. Or my possesiveness. I've never been possesive. But I'm terribly incredibly possesive over Crab. EVERYONE wants him in my eyes. EVERYONE! I mean. How can they NOT!?!?! He is gorgeous, and engaging. His smile will melt you. And have you ever smelled him? No. I'm sure you haven't. And guess what. If it's up to me... YOU WONT and neither would anyone else!

Anyway. The two don't mix. An overactive imagination mixed with possesiveness have me believing or suspecting that every woman in his office is throwing themselves at him. That every part of him day he is having women hitting on him.

So today he said he was going to take the ferry at some point of the day to Staten Island, just for the ride. So I'm now believing that him and some office chick probably the garbage bitch are gonna be riding the ferry as some type of romantic lunch excursion.

Mind you... I'm ACTUALLY mad. Like I'm angry. I want to call his phone repeatedly so she gets suspicious. I want to send him Roses and big ol I LOVE YOU balloons to his job. So then he has to walk from the front desk to his desk with I love you balloons and shit! LOL! I should do it.


  1. 0_0!! Whoa there...Is he ok with your possessiveness?

  2. Today he says I sound crazy. He tells me that h isn't everyones type and not everyone sees him like I do. He tells me that it isn't a good thing. He said while he was at lunch he got a call from a blocked number and thought it was me. He said he was like "she really does think I'm out with someone!" He said when he answered the person didn't say anything. It wasn't me though.

    But I only say a couple of smart comments and leave it at that. I don't focus too much convo on my crazy.

  3. We're *almost* the same on this one---I get CRAZY jealous and my mind goes ALL OVER the place when it comes to Rabbit, but I'll NEVER let him know that. I've done some pretty psycho stuff, but he has no idea. He thinks I'm too casual, that I'm the one he has to watch. Heh. If only he knew... I've never been able to let guys know about my jealousy, though. I think the more jealous I get, the more I push them away---weird, huh?? But I get the same thoughts you do about your man.

  4. And that LakiBaby is why you are my girl!

    But I tell Crab everything. He is my bestest! I tell him about everything except my bathroom details. that I can not talk about with anyone but my mother so I give lots of details and she hates that!

    I'm sure crab would rather I not be jealous but I think he's entertained by my stories about being a sniper or pushing chicks off the ferry.