Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Football Sunday

So its football Sunday.  I'm waiting for Crab to finish some business he had to handle with his ex. I think they are booking a place for Flips babyshower.  Flip and the other daughter.  Not sure if I named her but let's call her Electric.  Well they are both preggos.  Electric has two already so now he will be a Grandfather of 4. 

I put together a little outfit for today.  A Giants blue v neck tee.  Red boy shorts. A red bra. And red patent leather hidden platformed slingback heels.  I just may take a pair of scissors to and make the V deeper so the bra is exsposed. I think he will appreciate the effort if he gets back in time. We are already an hour behind schedule.

I'm very sleepy so I hope he hurries back so that he can still got to the gym and I can nap while he's there. I don't want to keep falling alseep around him and he gets the idea that I'm getting too comfortable. I don't want to scare him away.

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