Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apparently I HAVE Been Bad

He's mad about something. What I don't know.  I didn't even do anything.  Everything was fine when I said goodnight last night then I get to work. Talk my usual twitter good mornings.  What could have happened to make him not speak to me ALL FUCKING GOT DAMN DAY!

But I'm gonna chill.  It is what it is. I'm not gonna call. He'll call when he's ready.


  1. Why not just call to end the agony?

  2. Because he isn't gonna answer. He's ignored all of my calls today. I called him maybe four times today. Then this evening I texted


    No answer

    Because of that imagination of mine I often assume he's been hit by a truck or something terrible. He knows this so he will respond to ease my worries about his well being.

    I texted

    Are you ok?

    He answered. I'm ok

    Then I said
    Fine as long as you're ok

    And that was it. I refuse to call again. That's just not me. I have to much pride. At least in the first 24 hrs. Then... calling and crying andthe whole shabang. But NEVER in th first 24 hrs

  3. Lol. That sounds like my past Sunday. Mine slept all day (He works night shift) Then finally called. I understand your sentiment but try calling tomorrow if all else fails.

  4. Thank Nony (you've gotten a nickname!)

    I might try. I might not. We shall see...

  5. I like my nickname :D I would blog but I'm too forgetful to say something every day lol.

  6. Yay! Glad you like. I told Crab that I have a new commenter but you are anonymous and he said...

    "You're ALL anonymous. You just have a made up name!"

    That totally cracked me up because I never thought of it but he's right.

  7. I blog like 80 times a day for therapy. Once i start complaining all the time i take a break because I tend to get in my own nerves.

  8. Lol. It's alright. I wouldn't be anon if I didn't have to be. I have a twitter :)

  9. I know! OOMF on this blog knows me in real life. They have no idea! But I know who they are. With all my crazy sex talk I would die if that person found out. Like we've known each other since like kindergarten!

    And you being anonymous is cool with me. You're Nony as far as I'm concerned!