Thursday, October 20, 2011

Talk dirty to me

Ok so here's my thing today... dirty talk. 
But here's the other thing...
This is something I have to get over because I know its a missing component.
Let me tell you something. One CrabMan is an expert.  He says it so well. With every single thing he says I get excited. I feel more.  I go harder deeper softer faster slower... whatever it is that the moment calls for.  Some times its nasty.

Mmmm you're so nasty
You're such a greedy bitch
Suck that dick bitch

Sometimes its not.

You're the best
It feels so good Baby
Get it

But I love everything he says to me.  When he's talking to me I pull myself closer to him. Its almost like there is no such thing as close enough. My fingers stretch as wide as they can to grasp as much of his body as they can hold.  These are the times that get burned into not just my mental memory but its like its burned into evey cell that came into contact with him. I can just think about it and feel his foot on mine.  I can feel him in my hands while I grasp his sides. Only for a moment.  Because I know where he wants my hands. So when I think about it, I can still feel them travel up his stomach. I can feel the ripples up his abs to his chest where he likes them. And even more I can feel him in my mouth. And I love the way that feels.  Its something about the soft skin on his hard dick. Its the perfect juxtiposition. And the more excited he gets I can feel it get harder, thicker while its in my mouth. And sometimes he moves with me. And I slightly change my angel so that each inch of his dick gets massaged by my mouth. And he letts me know he feels it and it feels good.
Suck me off he'll say.  And that makes me think of the moment when he'll cum.  So I inch forward so that I can change to going straight up and down.  I know he likes that and I know it will make him cum. I go harder so it bangs on the back of my throat and I open and close my throat on the head. His leg will start moving just a tiny bit right before he cums and when he does cum I hold it there right in the back of my mouth until he's finished while my hands squeeze the sides of his body. 

And amazingly I feel so satisfied. I feel a calm.

I look at him and he'll say... that was good. And I'll agree.  I may run my hands down his thighs right before I get up.

And this is why I can concentrate at work. 
See? I was trying to get some tips on talking dirty and had no intention of describing one of our interludes.

Anyway. I'm so scared of sounding stupid when I talk. Any tips?


  1. What you just wrote was the eloquent way of going about sex talk. You're more descriptive. Take out a few words and there is your way of doing it.

    I would honestly say throw caution to the wind. You have the mans dick in your mouth. No need to be embarrassed anymore. He's seen every inch of you. Let the nasty come out and explore. It is definitely there. Start with the lights out if you can.

    If he says you're a greedy bitch, come back with a I'm your greedy bitch. This is my dick. Some shit like that. Simple.

    I hope that works. :D

  2. Oh Nony! I LOVE the I'm your greedy bitch! I'm gonna try that one. That will surprise him too! Because he's not gonna be expecting me to talk back. And he really wants me to. Needs me to according to him!


  3. Sigh now I'm missing my crazy sex sessions :( I actually miss rug burn

  4. LOL!
    Rug burn. Such a small price to pay right?

    You'll have them again.

  5. Didn't we have this discussion before ma'am? LOL You need to call me so we can practice. Wait. That didn't sound right. LOL