Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blah blah rambling

First off this Victorias Secret Heavenly is everything right now. It smells very close to my signature fragrance which I can't afford at this very moment but hopefully come November I will be able to.  I regret that I can't tell you what it is because I'm selfish like that and want no one to knowingly smell like me. Yeah I embrace my crazy and make no apologies.   But.... But... If you would like to smell like me settling, go get you summa dat Victoria's Secret Heavenly and when someone is all up in your neck partially intoxicated by your scent feel free to thank me.

I'm back... id left you but you had no idea!  Crab just called.  He's about to start his workout! Chest and Arms tonight. I have butterflies.... its so crazy because there's no boundary of friend and more than friend in my head so he's like

C: I just got to the gym.  I'll call you when I get out.
M: what are you working on tonight?
C: chest and arms
M: oh my god that just made me feel giddy!
C: (laughs)
Like who would admit that to a dude they deal with? Me. I can't help it cause he's my bestie so I automatically say crazy shit.

Mom moment _ My son is getting like all 100s and 90s on his tests (usually 10 questions). But he talks too much in class. (1st grade). Hmmm wonder where he gets that from? That was just my bragging moment.

So. I was thinking... Is it wrong if you know that your significant other has friends who are hoebags (male or female) for you to feel apprehensive about their friendships. Of course you say if there is trust there should be no problem.  But isn't it just natural not to want your sweetie cavorting around with hoes? I would never tell a dude of mine I wanted him to drop a friend but I can see feeling a certain way about them hanging out.


  1. Yah I feel leery but I let it play out. If they start to take on the tendencies of the hoe friend. I let them know.

  2. I guess I am ok with it. But I'm also niave. But I knew my friends hoe-ish behavior doesnt affect me but id understand if my man was like "you need to chill with all that going out with so and so. She's a hoe". If its true I can respect it.