Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick Fix

Today was a decent day.  I went to work an hour later than usual so that Mini and I could get a little extra sleep. We were tired!  So that meant I didn't get to go see Crab this morning. 


Crab worked from home today.  So I'm talking to him and he tells me to leave work a little early so I could come by.  So I did.  By time I got to him I had about a good 10 minutes. So he's all ready. Neutrogena oiled up looking all glisteny musclely good.  I swear sometimes I just wanna lick him. Anyway so I gave him quickie, looked at him and said "That was good!". He agreed. And then I headed on my way. I swear to you I felt so much better afterwards. Its like a drug.

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