Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ok so I have finally found a babysitter for football season! SCORE! Did y'all know I was looking for a babysitter for football season. Nope you probably didn't.

After 2 seasons, finally, partially through the 3rd I find one. 

The plan is me and Crab and a day of football and head and probably whatever else I might decided to want or he might decide to want.  But it will be me and Crab 2 to 6 on Sundays! I'm addicted at the moment so the thought is so exciting.  He doesn't think I'll be able to handle it but I told him even if it is too much we will be building stamina and endurance.  I told him that I'm always competitive.

M: you know its training. I'll build endurance. You know I'm competitive.
C: who are you competing with?
M: Myself
C: yeah cause I was gonna say...
M:there is no competition.
C: There really isn't.


Today while I was giving him head he said "I can't wait until Sunday!"

That just made me go crazy when I heard him say that! I feel butterflies just thinking about it!

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