Thursday, October 13, 2011

Come on.... Big Money

Another day of not being able to concentrate! For two reasons. One we all know. Cause I'm a nasty girl. Then tomorrow is payday. The day before payday I can't stop thinking about the things I need to get out of the way before I can actual plan on buying extras. Like I gotta pay for before and aftercare. I need to wash clothes. I need to take mini for a haircut. Mini needs undies and Jeans. He's growing faster than my salary is! I need shoes. BAD! Not like I love shoes and I want shoes. But Like I NEED them. I should go to this shoe store this weekend and bring Crab with me and then he can go to the Marshalls next door because he likes Marshalls and he needs jeans. And I need pants. Desperately. Desperately. And shoe boots. And a fall coat/jacket. And sneakers. And I need to paint. And I need a new area rug and a bookcase and Mini needs a new bed.

I want some Remi 18 inches of it.

I go to child support November 3rd. Come on.... $600! Remember that gameshow...
"Come on... Big money... Big money... No Whammy... No Whammy.... STOP!"

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