Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Little Fantasy Today

So did I tell you that I got a collar and leash? I love love love it! I highly suggest you try it if you haven't! 

First of all it looks really hot.  Mine is patent leather and it has little rhinestones down the front.  The leash is patent leather too.  I love it and he knows exactly how to yank it just right at the right times. 

Today I had a little fantasy about it and it was the first thing to make me smile.  I was thinking I wish Crab could bring me to work with him on the leash.  He'd walk me in and as everyone looked shocked he'd just say in his stern voice

"Don't talk to her!"

He'd walk me to his desk and tell me to sit down. And I would sit on the floor next to his chair and lay my head on his leg.  Occasionaly he might let me give him some head but not enough to make him cum. Sometimes I would look up at him and open my mouth and he'd spit in it. (I know that may sound gross but I really like it) That shocked people even more and they would start to say something and he say again...

"I said don't talk to her!"

Eventually a boss would come in and say...

"Crab I'm sorry but you can't have her here." And he'd say

"Bob, I can't leave her alone all day. She'd tear the house up! And I just can't keep her in the cage all day. That's just not right" and he'd reach down and touch my face gently and give me a sweet smile and I'd smile back up and him lovingly.

I swear I wish this could truly happen but of course it can't unless he wanted to get fired and we both wanted to get arrested for lude acts in public.  Which neither are desireable.

He does like the idea of it too though!


  1. O. M. G.

    I can't say I've EVER had a fantasy like that.... And honestly, except for the spit in the mouth thing (really, girl??) that does sound pretty hot.

  2. LMAO Really. I love it. And as nasty as it may sound it tastes good! Ahhhh lol that made me laugh. No I just love every ounce of that man including every drop of spit. And there are three different types of spittng. Spitting IN mouth. Spitting ON mouth. And spitting in your face. All are good and have there own place. But in the mouth is my favorite!

  3. LYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You seriously just made me LOL with your spit differences. You are definitely something else :)

  5. Girl it all started with the spit. That's when I realized there was another way I could enjoy things!