Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I went to Crab's this morning before work. I love it when I get to see him in the morning. I can smell him on me. :) Don't you love that?

I've never been one to put personal effects on my desk. They are big about decorating your cube her. But I just have Mini's picture, a stuffed fish Mini won for me that he wanted me to bring with me and a a small picture frame with a picture of Crab in it. I told him I put a picture of him on my desk so it wouldn't be creepy.

I say all this to say it makes the day pleasant to have reminders of your loved ones. and his smell is making for a very nice morning!


  1. Oooh, you've just been walking on sunshine lately, haven't you?? :)

    I'm glad you're finding your groove and things are falling into place.

  2. Yes! I have been on cloud nine lately. Now if I could stop being so damn scared of being this high up I could truly enjoy it!