Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to treat a Lay-Deeeeee

You know. This relationship that MzP is having with Debo is such a learning experience. She's learning what love is and in turn, she's passing those little gems of wisdom on to me. So, if you aren't sure if he loves you, here are a few signs...

#1 - He'll only put you on HOLD when he goes to catch a sale. You know. He could tell you he has to call you back so that he can give the fiend his full attention. But Nope. He's all "Hold on a minute baby, let me catch this sale right quick."

#2 - When PD runs up on him with the dogs he seriously considers taking a break from the block. Close calls let him know that he really needs to change his life cause he's got a classy lady now.

# The other dudes on the block tell you how much you've changed his life. (in a couple of weeks) He's in school now. Well a class on how to write a resume. WHAT?!?! That's in school! Cause you know. He wants to do better because, you know... He's got a classy lady now.

#3 He completely abandons his rule of not messing with someone that his dead cousin used to smash, for you! He does it for You! Cause... you know... You're a classy lady. Can't let you get away.

#4 He tells you he has a surprise for you. He wants the two of you to get away for a little while. You know de-stress together. So instead of getting a short stay, he rents a room for a few days. He can't have his classy lady all stressed out.

What really had me laughing was that Crab can't stand MzP. So she told me at the end of this conversation. Yes the above was an actual summary of the conversation. Anyway she says.. "Tell CrabMan I said Hey"! I told him. He said...

Tell her I reject her greeting.

Had me ctfu!


  1. LOL...especially at Crab's response

  2. I want a friend like MzP now just so I can experience those nuggets of wisdom myself LOL

  3. @CG I know. Every now and them out crosses my mind and I giggle!

    @Laki yeah I'm lucky to have her to teach me about life and love. I'll share as much as I can though. Each one teach one and shit.