Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Knockin Off Crackheads in a Single Bound

So this morning I got a recount of MzP and Debo's night at the telly. It was apparently a very passionate night. So on round whatever she thinks he's about to try and go raw. She immediately shuts it down and he gets mad saying he wasn't going to do that. He can't believe she thinks that and he's not trying to get her pregnant right now. (They've discussed having a child together.) She says good cause she really doesn't want to get pregnant right now. Here's the thing.


I think she thinks she's in some hood novel Thug Lovin.

At some point she tells him that they should just move away. Run off the two of them. Get him out of the streets. He says he can't do that. He can't work for The Man. He's a boss. so unless he goes from the block to the boardtroom homie ain't havin no regular gig. So looks like dude will be staying on the block. She expressed her concern for him as well as her concern for her own life. People aready know my car. What if they are out for you and I get shot up? That would never happen, he tells her, cause he would never let anything happen to her. And she believes it too! Cause he gets mad respect in the streets!

So... now this NWord is a super hero? He can sense danger and shit. His locs tranform to wings. Jet packs sprout from his beef and broccoli swamps and he flies to her rescue. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. Y'all know who it is.


This bitch is living some low budget street movie.

I can't... I can't...


  1. This saga is downright funny...hard to believe that women think like this...ok, maybe it's not really that

  2. Girl this had me cracking up! LMAO!!! That girl is a mess.

  3. I found your blog via LakiSwirl...and I have been ctfu!!! LOL...and yet...I feel bad about laughing that hard. This saga will not end well for your friend.

  4. JAZZY WHUT UP! Welcome to the debauchery that is my life! I got mad typos cause I aint got time to correct shit!