Sunday, July 24, 2011

And in sex toy news...

OK. Y'all know I go into heat during the summer. So last summer I talked about MD. And I was graphic. So I shall be graphic with this summers activities.

So Crab and I have been experimenting with how I would like this

The first time I thought I was gonna die. For one Jakie (the coche) does not come out to play often. She's shy. So the thought of THAT UP THERE was daunting.
I was scared for a while and would always have and excuse. until this one night. It was not a good night between me and Crab. I hated him that night. Like damn near hated him. I told him several times "I HATE YOU CRAB" pretty much like the babyboy scene. So... I think I was at rockbottom and decided Whatever. Cause this may be the last time ever cause I still sort of hated him. Might as well leave with a bang. Like literally. It hurt. It was not fun. I did cum though but not because of THAT. That's what I will call it. THAT. And when I left that night. I hated him even more. Like really didn't even want to speak to him. I felt he could have been sweeter to me after fucking me with a huge dildo. He basically turned his back on me when we were done and invited me to leave. I will always remember what that felt like when he did that and I use it to help me distance myself from him when I feel I'm getting too emotional with him.

So then the second time it kind of felt good.

The third time we combined it with this

It just didn't do it for me though. I just couldn't cum. The dildo did'nt hurt anymore. I thought that I would really like the DP but it wasn't all that I thought it was but I think that the butt plug probably wasn't big enough.

So. We have some more experimenting to do. I want a g-spot vibrator. I'll let you all know how it goes.

And that's all for now

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