Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shots at The Spot!

So I went to The Spot (the new spot TheSpot) the other night and had a good time again. It was a rainy night so there wasn't a lot of people. PIC and I of course.

There was this one Dude that kept standing next to me saying "Give me your number, Give me your number, give me your number." And I just kept saying "No." Then he was like "Oh You're taken?" I was like "Yeah...." and he was like "Take my number down. Take my number down. Take my number down"

So then this guy I'd met before wanted to go sit outside and talk so I sat outside and talked with him. Last time he was on some ol' I want you to be the mother of my children BS. This time it was more of I want to be with you but I don't want a relationship BS. So I told him that I'm a relationship type of chick and I'm not looking to be anyone's "special friend" Cause it when it come to me and my life that shit is PLAYED OUT. So he said if that's what it took he'd be my boyfriend. So we played boyfriend girlfriend all night and it was as cute as puppies! And then I told PIC that if he got more shots that she should take them because I was driving. So she said that she was good and thought she ahd more than enough already.

So dude invited me and PIC to a partaaaaaay. It should be fun. We shall see. I invited an friend of a friend Angel too. She's gorgeous!

Good Times. Now let me see what y'all suckas have been up to!

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