Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 Day Challenge (might as well) - 10 Secrets

So I'm going to do the 10 day challenge. Maybe it will jumpstart me getting back to regularly blogging.

10 Secrets

1. I talk to myself. A lot. Like... A lot!
2. I'm selfish. I hate to share my things. Except food. I'll share food.
3. When I'm not talking to myself out loud I'm having an internal dialogue which displays in matching facial expressions which I know probably looks weird.
4. I get bored with any and everything super fast.
5. I want someone to save me from myself so so bad.
6. I own a 1 bedroom apartment with my parents that they won't let me sell. So I sleep on the couch. I feel trapped. (renting it will never cover my monthly fees)
7. I try and be positive. It's all an act.
8. I don't understand random humor from people I don't know. It makes me socially awkward.
9. I'm manipulative
10. I don't think I'm sane but I think I portray sanity well.


  1. I can easily (VERY EASILY) agree with seven of your secrets.

  2. I have convos with myself all the time. LOL At first I thought it was strange but I have talked myself out of many crazy situations. LOL

  3. @laki I have 7 odd yours too! I commented but it disappeared.

    @Mo I so just imagined you talking yourself out off something! Ha!

  4. You can save yourself! At least I think you should try...

  5. you got to email this challenge rules and what to do...cuz maybe it will help with my blogging