Sunday, June 19, 2011


So I never happened to mention someone. He just called. He will remain nameless

Him: I'm sorry I'm not going to get to see you today.

Me: Yeah I figured

Him: Do you want more kids and are you on the pill?

Me: That came from.... nowhere! It depends on the situation and no I'm not.

Him: You're not?!? Well I don't have kids but I really don't think I want any. Listen I really want to be with you but I need for you to keep us a secret. A lot rides on women believing I'm available.

Me: Then we can't be together.

Him: But I'll be everything you want in a man. You just have to keep it to yourself. That's all.

Me: I've been a secret before. It hurts. And I'm not doing it again.

Him: Ooooh...

Me: Maybe one day things will change for you and we can be together. But until then

Him: Until then what?

Me: Until then maybe we can we build

Him: We build?

Me: Yeah we build a foundation. But I won't be your girlfriend and you won't be my boyfriend. And you won't get any ass.

Who does he think he's fooling?


  1. WTF? I swear some folks are on some extra levels of bs these days. I wonder how many people (esp. women) are walking around as secrets, but don't know it...sheesh

  2. That's the kinda sh*t you'd expect to hear from some dude when ya'll are still kids. Not grown folks. smh......

  3. Wait, was he high? He would have to be on something to propose such a thing.

  4. @CG - yeah I'm like one of many secrets. I bet he tells every girl that.

    @Laki story of my existence

    @Mo I need to tell him You're not a star. Somebody lied...

  5. ummmm was he serious? he can't be..who in their right minds says that foolishness smdh