Sunday, April 10, 2011


I just saw a commercial and the song in the commercial kept saying I'm so lucky and I was thinking "I AM so lucky". For some reason I don't like the word lucky though because I think luck doesn't give credit to the individuals who actually contribute to whatever it is that has made things happen. But I wanted to write out what I'm fortunate for. I am fortunate that

I have parents who are stable emotionally and financially stable that lend their suppot to me in the best way they can.

I am so forunate for the man who is in my life. Precious. Its a word that I don't hear applied to male/female relationships but it is precious. Rare. Beautiful. Remarkable.

I am fortunate to have a relationship with my son that is absolutely enjoyable. He is humorous, smart and affectionate and he fuels me on a daily basis.

I am fotunate to have a friend that is not needy. She is balances me when we're together. She understands my decisions choices and never pushes her opinions on me.

I am fortunate to be healthy. And that is despite anything I do contrary to healthy living. Despite any risks I've taken. I am healthy.

So there are the things that make me want to say "I'm so lucky"

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