Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm out

So now that I know I'm leaving my job I have a sassy lil mouth on me. And let me tell you something my exit interview, should I feel gracious enough to give those fuckers one is gonna be FUCKIN EPIC.  I swear I should write the script now.  Get a camera crew and put that shit on True Life: I'm Leaving This Shitty Job.  Why am I leaving?  Let's start with..

What kind of low budget property management company makes the manager the manager, receptionist accounts payable acounts receivable, marketing PR Rep and customer service rep all at the same time? I remember the night before I started I was all "Crab I wonder what my admin assistant will be like". We were talking about it the other day and he was all "little did you know you knew her very well". Hell yeah cause I am that bitch and that bitch is meeeee.

I have never in the history of my job experience gotten a "Bonus" that after taxes was $328. What the fuck?

This bitch is a liar. Y'all know how I feel about the truth. And this bitch is always telling me to lie.  How do expect me to respect you when I see you lie so damn much.

This bitch is a bully.  I showed weakness one day and told her I was stressed and overwhelmed (when she asked me all concerned) and she saw me in a weak moment and pounced on that shit which then in turn makes her a predator.

The bitch is a republican *nuff said*

The bitch is a lesbian and tries to pretend like she's not. I loves me some lesbians but bitch stop lying! Its not your roommate. Its your life partner STOP WITH THE LIES!

She has a negative opinion of new jersey and new jerseyans.  She doesn't understand us and you know what... we don't like her either.  She doesn't know how to take us and makes judgements on people from their accents and not their actions.

She's a nerd who doesn't realize she's a nerd which is the worst kind of nerd to be!

She is uncomfortable around Black people.   Once I had a prospect in the office and I had a cough and coughed and sneezed like 80 times so out of respect I didn't shake his hand and we both put our fist up. This bitch thought we were doing some type Black power move and got all jumpy asking why'd you two just do that. Chill out. Dude knows I have germ saliva particles all on my hands.  Geesh

I don't even have my own email address. That shit is tacky. Do you know how many times people comment on it?  That embarassing!

And so I'm movin on...


  1. Wow! Yeah, it's time to chuck deuces. I'm happy for ya!

  2. Oooh, I put in my two week notice a week ago. And I've been working on my goodbye speech for a minute :)