Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dopplegangers and such

So I told Crab about my new blog buddy today.  I told him how eerily similiar we are and that I think she may be my doppleganger which he thought was funny because he'd never heard of a doppleganger.   But seriously what if she was.  Except there would be no negative connotation to her because she a loverly lady! I was noseying around on facebook a few weeks ago and saw myself in a picture.  But it wasn't me.  I put my face right up to screen to get a good look.  And I still couldn't believe that the woman I was looking at wasn't me.

And I read my new bud's post and the things she says even the way she says it seems as though I could have sat down and written it myself.  And it isn't even the content that I connect with.  It is the feeling behind it that I connect to.  I don't look like anyone in my family.  What if she was my mirror twin who I've been seperated from and I was given up for adoption and she remained because my birth parents couldn't afford two babies just one.   We would meet and finish each others sentences and be featured on a Discovery channel special called Identical Twins Seperated at Birth: A Genetic Mystery.  Because how can two people who never met have all these similarities?  We would eventually relocate to be closer together and we'd probably start our own business in something and become really rich.

Sidebar -  I do this constantly. Create stories in my head. I always do this to my friends and they are very amused.  My friend just changed her hairstyle and it made her look like an Auntie.  So I call her auntie now and have given her a boyfriend named Mr Maurice who drives a cadillac and wears linen sets a lot, often in pastel colors, but he's masculine enough to pull it off and always has a hat to go with it. She also has a son named Trey but he goes by Boogie and she is always bailing him out and believing his stories about how he didn't do it.  Auntie is sweet but she isn't very nice to this girl named Keyshawna that is claiming to have a baby by boogie.  I've seen the baby and the baby looks just like Boogie to me but I'm not saying anything cause lord knows auntie gets fiesty when she drinks and I don't even want to get into it with her.  Auntie also is a big fan of Tom Joyner and Sinbad is her favorite comedian. She is going on the upcoming Tom Joyner cruise. She asked me to go with her to Fashion Bug to get some outfits for the cruise.  She wants some clam diggers and some sandals that won't bother her corns.  She also smokes capri utra light cigarettes.

I also do this with Crab if he doesn't answer my text or calls right away. Sadly though Crab's are usually dark.  Like someone pushed him off the subway platform or he had an allergic reaction to something strange he ate and had seizure and is laying some where unconcious or in a hospital with out ID because someone robbed him while he was out cold.  Because of course a tragedy is the only thing that would keep him from answering right? That's when I text him and say you know how my imagination is and he will let me know he's on a conference call or some other rational explanation.

My mother and I were talking about my imagination and how annoying it could be when I was little because I would convince myself of things like that I was going to expire in the middle of the night. I remember sitting outside of my parents bedroom door sobbing because they wouldn't say "come in" and all I wanted to do was say my final goodbyes.  They kept telling me to go to bed. Eventually I went in anyway and I think they were doing it and I said sorry and hightailed it to bed.  That put an end to that drama that night.


  1. I had a doppelganger once... At least everyone who saw her told me I did. Then I finally see her and she looks like a dude in drag.

    And you know, it's never cool to see your parents doing it. I've got that image seared into my brain, and I pray to God that it won't be my last lucid thought before I die.

  2. A dude in drag looking doppelganger definitely may be the evil kind!

    Luckily I don't think I saw anything. I was just shocked into sanity.

  3. You say that now.. In a few years you'll take your kid to the zoo and some deeply suppressed memory is gonna pop up between the elephant and bonobo exhibits. And you will lose your fucking mind.