Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

I have never really celebrated my birthday big. But I love love love celebrating the birthdays for the people I love.  I love giving thoughtful gifts and pouring my heart out in a card.  And when I find something good I get so excited.

I always did nice things for my husband on his birthday. He always ruined it. Acted aloof and ungrateful. Would throw tantrums and refuse to attend his gathering for reasons that made no sense. He never did much more than say happy birthday to me. But hey... oh well.

Yesterday was his birthday and I could tell that he misses my pomp and circumstance. Oh well. Maybe he got a gift from a chick or something... but I'm sure he missed my parties and surprises.

But when I have the chanced to go all out a birthday again, I will do it.  And I'm sure it will be well received and appreciated.


  1. he wants to appreciate it...nahhhh sorry for him!

  2. It's funny it's like he expeccted something. I heard him on the phone with our SIX YEAR OLD saying "I was waiting all day for you to call" DUDE he was in Kindergarten, he had circle time plus he dont have a phone! Then he asked what our son learned in karate and he says "kicks and punches" and dude says "no I didnt get any cake and punch for my birthday" Back to you again huh?!?!? And I yell out "You asked him about karate. He said kicks and punches!"