Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This just in

Somebody must have put out a bulletin for the foolishness to begin
Homeboy called.
He misses me apparently.  Hmmmmm...


  1. Don't go back, tell him so what!! Take your own advice, you'll be happy if you do!

    And thanks for the advice on my post about a stupid boy lol.

  2. LMAO @ Poppy. Oh noooooo sweetie. Homeboy is like an activity. Not even a hobby or intrest. He's like mini golf or one of those stores where you can paint a plate or candy dish... he provides minutes of entertainment every few months.

    He is just a very good looking young dude (26) that had my interest for a couple of weeks. He tells me he loves me. Wants to marry me. All that good stuff and then vanishes and pops up. I never even gave up the choche.

  3. LOL @ this post and the previous one. I'll be tuning in to see what happens this summer. You're love life is 10 times more interesting than mine :D