Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I like candy...

So we all know I have weekly date with Mini and my friends. Well a new dude started coming with his son and last week we included him in the convos and welcomed into the group. He is a pretty attractive guy, nice body... and has affectionately been named Eye Candy by the girls. He wasn't there this week and the discussion somehow came to him being off limits... TO ME! WTF? Now I'm not saying I want dude but why is he strictly off limits to me? They say he's too nice and don't want me ruining him. LOL. First of all I can tell dude is far from innocent just by his demeanor but damn, I really wouldn't call myself a man eater. Then the next argument is that I'm monopolizing the stock. Lol and then I would end up getting bored and drop him! LOL

What's so funny was the main one saying he was not free game has a boyfriend. So I'm like that's not fair. First of all she has a boyfriend. The other chick who is drooling over dude is shy as shit and would never go for it anyway and the other chick, well in my opinion dude is fair game between the two of us. And then I'm the only one aggressive enough to go for him anywaaaaay so why does he have to be off limits to me? They said I would ruin him. I said they are trying to ruin our happyness!

It was all in good fun but DAMN. Can I live? Why are they hating on my supa dupa flirting skills. They need to be taking notes.

DBB IS BACK BIIIIIIIITCHES. I know its been a while but get ready for the shanannigans a fuckery. Summertime is coming and imma be ready.


  1. Now that Crab isn't mentioned in every post, I find myself intrigued about where your imagination will take you.

    Will you listen to your friends? Will you go after the candy?

    I'm dying to know.

  2. lol. I'm not thinking about eye candy. HOW.....EVEEEEER. I do feel compelled to subliminaly influence him to ask me out just to prove a point to these ladies that the magic of me can't be contained!

  3. HAHA "Can I Live?" Go on & get you some candy. Don't ruin him though lol, there's not that many straight men left, we dont need them messed up because got bored & hurt their feelings :-)

  4. I'm gonna leave that alone. Not worth it. Besides I'd get bored because my heart and mind would never be in it. they are taken. I've learned just because you're single doesn't mean you're available. I'm pretty much Ms. Unavailable.