Sunday, March 27, 2011


No drama to speak of.

I skipped a birthday party for one of the girls I hang out with every week. I did it because she always has an excuse for not showing for things me and PIC do. So PIC and I discussed it and decided not to go. I'm not a spiteful person so I kind of feel bad but another part of me feels like I have to start giving back what I get. So if someone has no problem disappointing me I should have no problem doing the same.

PIC bought a house and we are starting to plan a cookout housewarming for when the weather permits. This should be fun and I'm excited for her and can't wait to get started. Its in the hood though. Like really in the hood. But I'm happy for her none the less. She likes to move a lot so although buying a house is a great thing, I worry about what happens when the magic feeling of home ownership wears off and she wants to move again and now she's stuck with the house.

Sis came over to borrow money. We sat and talked for a while. It was nice. Poor her. She's going through it right now financially. But aren't we all?

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