Thursday, March 24, 2011

Movies, Deadbeats, Little Crabs and Bare Coche

Well the weekend is almost here and the only thing I have planned is Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Mini on Saturday morning.  I just called and invited one of our friends and she says "Sure but JJ has a party at Chuckie Cheese at 1" 
so I'm all... "Well that might be a lot of rushing for you.  You don't have to come because we were gonna go regardless.
So she's like... "Oh it's not a problem. JJ wanted to see that"
So then I'm all... "Uhhhh.... how do I say this?  I'm uninviting you now cause I don't want to end up at Chuckie Cheese's after JJ mentions it to Mini.  Sorry..."
She laughed and totally understood.I mean I'm not getting okey doked into that!
I was hoping to get some time spent with the CrabMan but Mini's father pulled the old One, Two, By The Way I Can't Take Him This Weekend I'm Going on Vacation Punch on me.  Must be a free vacation.  Perhaps he filled out one of the forms on one of those boxes at the Chinese take-out and won the free trip because he hasn't given me a decent amount of help since around October/November.  I need a vacay.  I should fill out one of those forms too!
So today I was thinking I'm so grateful that I'm a little smarter these days and know how to handle things.  Experience plus my Little Crab on my shoulder (CJ - CrabJr) really has helped me avoid sticky situations.  I used to let anyone get away with anything.  Now I'm definitely more assertive.  I still need work but when shady things happen I have Crab's voice in my head saying "Did you check him?" and that's kind of when I pull myself together and take care of things the way I should. Even though I know a lot of the time I am doing it so that I have an acceptable answer to the aforementioned question, whatever way makes it happen it happens.  And that I am proud of myself for.
I'm going to HAVE to start doing some exercise at home because I can't be a porker for the summer.  I think there is too much fun to be had and if I feel fat it will definitely put a damper on things. I plan on wearing lots of sundresses! OH DRESSES!  I can't wait for Dresses!  I love dresses....  Wanna know a secret.  Well not a total secret, just half secret because my girlfriends know.  If I have on a dress odds are, I'm not wearing panties. I like air.  If the dress is long guaranteed no panties, short there is more of a possibility.  This goes for skirts as well. 


  1. HA!!! I don't like wearing panties with dresses either. I feel so much more free w/o them.

  2. Yay! My sister in the plight for coche freedom. I love it!

  3. lol..I don't wear panties @ all unless its cold outside or mother nature is blessing me with her horrible gift. Its kind of my little secret makes me feel a sexy and and free! sometimes the cooch needs to breath too

  4. HA! *high five to the no panties with dresses* I don't either. I really have wearing them anyway except for 3 days out of every month. LOL

  5. I never wear panties when i'm in the house, taking them off is my first priority when I get home. But I've went without them in public. I'm going to have to try it next time I wear a dress.