Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What in the..

So in who's mind does the following occur?

You know... I just don't know what happened with DiannaBoss... Our convo was good, we were vibing on Facebook. Then she just cancelled on me. Said it wasn't the right time for her right now... You know what I should do? Go in the bathroom, strip down naked and take a full body shot and send it to her. Yes! Perfect idea! I'm so smart!

What the hell! Why do men do stuff like that?!?!?!

It said "For You"

Oh contraire mon frere... That shit is not for me


  1. LOL! I was just thinking some similar about what prompts people to do this. I can think of very few...ok, one guy...that I don't mind getting pics from on the QT. Kinda bold if you're not even all that close.

  2. I can think of one in my case too. But we all know about that!

    he apologized. I just responded "well now you know where my head its at"

    But now my mind is thinking about that one I wouldn't mind getting.

  3. OMG this is too funny!! He really did that?? Wooo that made my day hahaha. Now seeing a nice package is nice when you ask to see it, but when it's randomly sent to can be disturbing lol.

  4. Oh my damn! At first I was sad you cancelled the date. But I've decided you may have luckily dodged a super crazy bullet.

    Some great guys are single cause they haven't found the right one. Others are single cause they're freaking crazy!

  5. @Poppy as strange as it seems... I'm offended by dirty jokes and naked pictures. I get all prudey and everything like "that's so immature..."

    @CeCe I thought the same thing! I was like this dude is a nutcase. I had always thought WHY is he single? He seems like such a great guy. He's single because he prematurely sends unsolicited naked pictures. Another thing with men and nakedness is there is a fine line between an entirely naked man being sexy and looking silly. So.... um.... I'm just saying....