Sunday, March 27, 2011


I had a great weekend with my little guy. He kept me laughing all weekend! His dad really missed out because he was really in rare form and a true comedian. I have a monsterous zit. Mini keeps teasing me saying "hey mommy" and when I say "what" he says "nice pimple!"

So the whole "I'm going on vacation" thing was a lie. He just wanted to get out of his weekend. He's a loser.

Mini has been on the computer all night. He somehow got the idea that if he typed order + whatever he wants he has ordered it. So he's been "ordering" cell phones all night and hitting his dougie and sexy walk after he presses enter thinking he's just bought something. I even heard him say once"yes! Two for the price of one!" He's so nutty.

Homeboy is back. Still misses me. Yup. Id miss me too! I'm dope! My brother even said so...

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