Monday, March 28, 2011

Am I hot?

I am coming down with summer fever.  I feel it!  I feel so confined.  I want out!  Out of the house.  Out of all these clothes! I want the windows down!  I'm hating cold weather right now.  And if it didn't bother me so much when people say "With a passion"  I would say I hate it with a passion.  But I don't say that... so....
Mind you... everytime this year I start saying "This is gonna be MY SUMMER!"   No lie I say this shit
For like... ever I've said this! 
And every year I mean it.  But I have to say last summer wasn't all that bad.  A little scandalous!  Very pleasurable!  very... very... sigh....  nice!  ***** Snap Back!****
So what fun is there to be had this summer?  What will my summer theme be?  I always have a theme.  Summer before last it was nautical.  When I told people they straight laughed at me.  I remember the day!  Then all those dumbies sweated me all summer for my take on nautical.  It wasn't literal DUMBASSES!  Last year I can't remember having a specific theme but I think I was very into dresses which will carry over to this summer but I've never been big on prints.  But I think this summer I'm leaning Nicole Miller-ish....  you feel me.... Mo, UCB my resident fashionistas!?  Which I'm not.  I suck at fashion.  These are my feabile attempts
But anyway.  I digress!
Okay I'm about to call  PIC!


  1. I am so with you girl. My theme last summer was all about earth (lots of earth toned clothes and outdoor activities). This summer is all about dresses. I'm thinking Bohemian Rhapsody (like that huh?). Lots of maxi dresses to show off my junk in the trunk, sandals and cut heels so my toes can wink at you, and chunky, natural jewelry. Couple that with this big head of hair that I have and I'm on it.

    I'm planning cookouts, game nights and Martini and Poker nights for the girls. Fun times ahead this summer.

  2. You had me till junk in the trunk. You know I get salty about that. You know I think i got it. I think I will do tans, corals, white. Denim. Peppy-ish but with cleavage and legs. Cause I get a lot of legs. White shorts! Lits of white shorts, capris, mini skirts! Yes! Theme done! Thanks Mo!