Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh I forgot!

Oh Oh Oh... 
I forgot to tell you...
So remember I mentioned the hug and run with Rome and Lil Miss Sensitive?
Turns out Lil Miss Sensitive had seen Rome's comments on FB that he wanted to go to the show.  So she reached out to him that she had an extra ticket.  She told him what time to pick her up.  Then another female friend of his asked for a ride too.  So he said ok.  He told LMS and she seemed a bit bothered.  Then he got a text from her saying "So I guess this is our official first date".  He said he was totally thrown off.  He did not think of it like that at all.  PLUS everyone has always assume LMS was gay.  So he said that he didn't have any idea she thought it was a date until he was already on his way to pick her up and didn't want to hurt her feelings.
I told him I thought his whole Hi, Quick Hug, Bye thing was strange and I had assumed it had something to do with LMS.  He said when the show was over he was trying to inch away from her to find me because he wanted us to go grab something to eat after he dropped the girls off.
But I thought that was so funny how he ended up on a date with no proir warning.  He said kept brushing her hand against his leg and it was so awkward.  I said "Yeah, you look at her like a little sister right?"  and he was like "NO, not even.  I look at her like a little brother".

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