Friday, March 11, 2011

First Trip to Rome (Ha! That's sooooo corny!)

So Rome and I talked for a long time last night.  I'm not even sure what to say...
I'll tell y'all a little about him so that you know him a little better.  He's the same age as me "GASP!".  He's a ghost writer for some of your favorite rappers.  I always knew he was in the music business but wasn't sure in what capacity.  Apparently some new stuff is coming out in July so I'm looking forward to hearing it.  I'm pretty sure ghost writers don't tell you exactly what they wrote but I do know who the rappers are so when it comes out I'll have an idea.  He lives down the shore.  Oh I guess you all would call it "The Jersey Shore". He has 2 sons and he's all about them.  He cooks and he's always putting pics of what he cooks up and it always looks gooooood.  And I'm not even big on food like that! 
I asked a lot of questions and dug very deep.
Sometimes he writes these teeny tiny poems on his status.  This was his first post today
If i told u i was ready 2 settle down would u leave them niggaz alone,
if i said i wanted the whole 9,
kids, dog & home,
would u take a chance put it all on the line
if i promised to make u mine,
or would u say im runnin G & pay me no never mind,
just a question because u seem to be afraid,
truth is i feel u,
in this game of Hearts everyone's been played
Cute right?  Well, we are gonna go out next weekend. 
I'm not sure what to do tonight.  Probably sleep huh?  PIC called this morning and wants to go out tomorrow night and she said it's her treat!  We are going to some party a friend of hers is having so... we'll see how that goes.  But she said she'll be buying my drinks all night which is sweet of her.  But she knows WE DONT PAY FOR DRINKS anyway so that was silly!  But the thought is there which is sweet.  I have to remember not to drink and get my stank attitude though.
That pretty much sums things up!  I

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