Friday, March 11, 2011

Somebody give me a uniform and a backpack cuz I feel like a school girl

Ok so this is a very interesting situation. We know that I have very strict no Facebook Friending Rule for anyone that I may become romantically/sexually involved with. But I've never dealt with it going the opposite way around.

Dare I say it... It's been a fun day to say the least. Between the little post that he's been putting all day that I know are to me. Or the songs. But here's the thing... we have mad friends in common so of course our little flirting back and forth on each other's status are on their timelines. I know everybody is like "What in theee hellllllll is goin on?!?!?!"

But I like that too. He isn't trying to hide it. That's a first in a long time. Not being hidden. First my husband would hide me in the house. Then MD had a girl. Then a certain someone would never claim me.


Anyway Doe

So I post India Arie - Ready For Love

Rome - Why are you hiding from me....
Me- I'd quickly give my freedom, To be held in your captivity
R- i'm ready for love
M- Be careful what you ask for, cuz you might receive
R - HaHa, I aint scurred!
M- LMAO! Something tells me you're not!

So I text him that he's making me blush and he text back Likewise. So I text back GOOD!

So this FB flirting is kind of fun! NO ITS A LOT OF FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! Somebody likes me and he has no idea about the super head so he actually likes


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  1. HAHA thats the best feeling, the begining stages of love where someone like you for you & the cute flirting back & forth. Good for you, you deserve a man who openly shows his feelings for you.