Monday, March 14, 2011

Spongebob made cry!

I'm being a bad mother. I cant stop crying and now poor mini has to see his mother cry. We are home today. Mini is sick. And he's bringing me tissue. This is backwards. I told him it was allergies. But he's not buying it. We were watching spongebob. The episode Gary leaves him for Patrick. You have no idea... I was bawling.

I'm upset because I stalled yesterday. I said I'd cancel the date because I couldn't deal with losing Crab all together. But my heart knows what I've gotta do eventually. And i'm gonna lose him.

I can't expect him to put himelf through that for me. And he won't. thats the crazy type of thing I do. Normal people dont subject themselves to hurt. I do.


  1. Okay you breaking down during spongebob made me laugh so frickin hard...I'm sorry lol.

    But I'm sorry you're hurting like that, I hope you figure out whats best for you. The sooner you move on from crab the sooner you will feel better. You're prolonging the pain :(

  2. LOL!
    Poppy, You must not pay attention to my dramatics. I swear I just cracked up when I read your comment.

    I am very extra with the crying. I'm one of those "How can I breeeeeathe" type people. Only I only do it in private, on the phone to Crab, and here! I would never let anyone see me act so crazy!