Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ok everything is back to normal (sidebar - I hate hearing people breathing heavy while they kiss on tv. One Jack Nicholson. That's just gross. iilk) I like the nice parts after bad parts. I always feel closer to someone at those times. And I was the only one in the bad part crying and stuff. I imagine he went through his own feelings I guess.

You know what... What I just wrote... the... "I imagine he went through his own feelings I guess." confirms to me that I still dont believe men have real feelings of love/romance/etc. I would say I need to work on it, but I'm pretty sure that until I actually have a relationship with someone who expresses these feeling to me I will not believe it.


  1. I hear you. Being able to accept those feelings if you meet a man willing to send them your way is harder than it sounds. I hope if you find a man like that, you'll be in a position to accept what he has to offer.

  2. we do have real feelings...stop being a debbie doubter. lol