Sunday, March 22, 2015


Things are good. Things are very good. Last night i sat in front of Crab. Dick in hand. And for some reason (probably the grey goose) I was talking about how exciting things used to be.  Talking about my collar and leash and then...


Yes!  There it is!  I've got my baby back! "Look at me" he says. ..


It's been a while,  so it wasn't as hard as I like it. My face should sting.   But at least we're back on the road to getting our sex life back.  Maybe I'll dress up next time.  

But it felt good.  I think we forgot the little things.  Like right before he asked me if I had any lip gloss.  I'd let myself forget about the little things that did it for him. I used to not even step in the house without freshening up my lip gloss for him.

Another thing is we touched all day.  Holding hands. Laying close.  I don't usually give affection in a general way.  But I have tried to lately.  And it works.  By the end of the night we were just waiting for Mini to fall asleep!

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