Saturday, July 13, 2013


Well I will tell you all it's for the best.  Especially for me.  There was one HUGE thing that I felt I couldn't deal with.  Worst than the no sex.  Worst than the no job.

I don't like the way he treats Mini.  It has always been a point of contention for me.  It has bothered me for a long time.  When he was living in his house it was one thing because I just didn't have mini around him that much. But now that he is in my home it just can't continue

He refuses to acknowledge my son.  Example

Mini: Wow Crab!  You have 3 of the same laptops
Mini: You have 3 of the same laptops?
Mini: Are all 3 of those laptops the same?
Me: Mini I don't think he heard you.
Crab: (to me not Mini) No they aren't the same. They're different.

See... I can't take that.  I just can't.  You heard my son ask you a question 3 times.  Then won't answer him directly.  AND I know for a fact that he heard him and just decided to ignore him because I never repeated the question.  That's just nasty.  Nasty.

Mini is a good kid.  I have tears in my eyes just typing this.  He is a good kid.  Smart.  Funny.  Caring.  He has never been disrespectful.  He doesn't deserve it.

So about a week ago I brought it up.  I said that I don't like the way he treats him.  He said it's not like I beat him.  He made all types of lame excuses and reasons why he treats my son the way he does and I ended the conversation with this....

He has an son the same age as Mini who loves hundreds of miles away.  The mother is now married. 

"How would you like it if Kim's husband treated Justin the way you treat Mini?  How would you like knowing that Justin had to live in a home with a grown man that purposely ignored him?"
(He admitted he wouldn't like it but then said it's different because that's Kim's husband)  So I said
"So because it is written on a legal document it changes what affects it would have on a child?  You came to his home.  And now he is made to feel uncomfortable in the one place that he's supposed to feel most comfortable.  I really don't want an answer.  I just want you to just give thought over the next few days.  Think about Justin and put him in Mini's place."

He still ignores my child.

This is just ONE of the things I don't like about his feelings towards Mini.

He's got to go.

End of story.


  1. I am so glad you called him out on his bullcrap. There is no excuse for this behavior. Yes, he needs to get to stepping real quick.....he has issues. To ignore an innocent child who is attempting to bond with him is......evil.

  2. That's terrible. I feel so bad for Mini. How he was being treated was completely uncalled for and I am so glad that you put an end to it. So many times mothers will overlook their children to keep their men. Put your child first; no one will love you as much as they do and he will grow up knowing he's got a mother who will always put him first. So proud!!

  3. Thats just awful. Who treats a child like that? Especially when they have a child themselves and knows its wrong/foul? SMH

  4. Welp! It was time for him to go! Bump all the relationship stuff. A man treating my child any type of way but loving is a huge deal breaker. We are now and will always be a package deal and if you can't accept that then we can't be together. Point blank, period!

    I don't know why its making me anonymous but oh well lol