Friday, April 27, 2012

Can't a Brother Get Some Catfish?!?!?

I'm so ready for the weekend.

I'm exhausted!

I'll have tonight until 9AM tomorrow to relax and then I have to pick Mini up.  Crab says he's not going out so I think I'll get us some movies and some catfish and greens and candied yams and Grey Goose Cherry Noir.

And I'm gonna crawl up under Crab's arm and fall asleep and drool all over him.  YUP!  That is how it's going down

Now the catfish...
Lemme tell you bout the catfish.

Yesterday I told him (Crab) that I was gonna get him some catfish and mac and cheese and Candied yams cause that's my baby's favorite.  So there's this new spot in my area SoCo Cafe.  I've gotten food there several times.  It's good.  The food is good! But here lies the problem with a lot of black business that I personally come across.  And I think you all might know where i'm going with this.

Now it's a weeknight.  I gotta get Mini to boxing, pick up the food, pick Mini back up from boxing, take the food to Crab, Bring Mini home, feed him, have him do homework and take a bath.  Now it's about quarter to 7, I'm leaving Mini at the gym and I call to order.  I know they always fry fish to order (doesn't everyone?) so it was best to call in

SC: Hello
M: Yes I'd like to place an order
SC: Can you hold please?
M: sure

10 minutes later I'm still on hold as I pull up and park in front of the restaurant.  I walk in. Wait.  the girl finally comes over and says "Are you ready to order?" I hold up my phone to the girl and say.  "Yeah I called to place my order 10 minutes ago and you put me on hold and I'm still holding."  She gives me a confused look, walks over to the phone hangs it up and comes back and says "Are you ready to order?

YOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  No surprised look.  No, Oh I'm sorry.  Just walked over to the phone and hung it up.  So I begin to order. as she begins to right the order

M: Ummm Catfish
SC: Ok... What sides...
M:Candied Yams
SC: There are no more.

Now I have my blue tooth in so I press call and of course Crab is the last person I speak with so it calls right away.  And he answers right away.  Whole process took about 9.4 seconds.  So I say "They don't have candied yams what do you want? okay"

M:  Alright so I'll have Greens

Whoa... Homegirl just walks off and starts taking someone else's order.  a couple of MINUTES later she comes back over

SC: Are you ready to order?

M: Uhhh yeah...

so I order my food,

SC:  And Your name?  Okay Diana.  You can have a seat and we'll call you when your order is ready


I go to the counter

M: I'm gonna have to leave and come back b/c I have to get my son.

SC:  Okay it will be ready soon.  They're mixing up the batter now to fry your fish.

WORD?!?!?  They're just mixing the batter right now? WORD?!?!?

I shoot over to the gym.  Get Mini (who's pissed by the way that I wasn't right there when he finished). Get back there, run inside.  WAIT ANOTHER 15 MINUTES.  Get my food. Go to Crab's.

We set the food down start unpacking the bag.  I put mine to the left.  Pick his up out the bag and



I open it up








On a napkin.







Chicken Leg.


I din't even get what I paid for.  I didn't even get a whole dinner.  You know... like wrong order.


I got



Chicken Leg

I called.  They sounded apologetic and said to come back tonight for my order.  But really.  The service sucks.  I'm big on service, because if you make me feel good when I come in i will come back.  and I gotta say, even if it's just okay.  I'll still come back cause I like you!

And let me tell you they act like they are doing YOU a favor.  I hate that!

Someone else complained about how long it was taking and the response is

SC: you all need to understand we are up front.  We're not cooking the food

Someone asked "So you haven't started taking credit/debit cards have you?"

SC: No and we never will.  We're trying to keep the cost down for you.  But y'all don't understand that.

Someone ask (b/c it was about to close and the just brought out a new pan of mac and cheese) What do you all do with food left at the end of the night?

SC: The crew takes it home if they want it (LONG PAUSE) then the rest gets donated to soup kitchens (LIE!  You could tell she was lying about the donation part.  She realized that is what dude was getting at.  I knew that's what dude was getting at when he asked.)

A lot of black businesses that I patronize ESPECIALLY food establishments act arrogant and annoyed when you come to give them business.  In my opinion good service and a positive attitude go a loooooong way!

I'm just saying

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  1. The worst experience I've had with a black owned business was last year when I ordered from this pizza place. I've ordered from them maybe twice before, so I knew they were always wrong when they'd give the delivery time over the phone. But the pizza was good and the owner of the franchise was nice enough, so I still patronized them. I ordered a pizza one night and they said it'd take 30-45 minutes. Cool. An hour passed and nothing. I called them to see what was up and they said they were on their way. Another 15 minutes passed and I was starting to get heated. I called them back to just cancel the order, but the guy said the driver was right around the corner. Another few minutes passed and he was finally at my door. I paid, gave him a good tip (out of habit, if I'd remembered, I would've given him a shitty one), and went to open the box. Well, not only was the order COMPLETELY wrong, but the pizza was all bunched up and stuck to one side of the box. I was PISSED. I called again and demanded to speak to the manager. When he got on the phone, I tried to politely tell him how they screwed my order, and instead of him apologizing, he got mad at me and told me his driver was just trying to find my address. Like him coming out to do his job was a favor to me or something. When I told him that I couldn't even eat it because it had toppings I was allergic to and it was all bunched up and crumpled and stuck to the box, the a**hole hung up on me. HE HUNG UP ON ME. I was sooooooooo pissed. I didn't eat it. I just tossed it in the trash. I moved two months later, but even if I hadn't, I'd NEVER eat there again, I don't care how good the food was. I've been in my share of soul food joints where the service was terrible but the food was good. And it's sucks 'cause as much as I like the food, I'm not gonna tolerate being treated like sh*t when I'M trying to give YOU my MONEY and BUSINESS. How do these places even stay open??