Monday, March 5, 2012

Guess what I diiiiiiiiid?

Well.  this weekend... hmm...  Well Homeboy went back on his invitation.  So....  He was all "Well I don't think I'm really gonna stay.  I'm just gonna stay long enough to present an award and then I'm gonna leave."  so I was like ok.  Whatever.  Then Crab and I got into it over the phone last minute Friday Night right before I was about to fall asleep for the night at which point he yelled at me and told me he didn't want to speak to me anymore and that I was whack and I thought I was slick and that I'm just like every other bitch and so forth and so forth on.  It was because he said I said I was going to stop speaking to Homeboy and I didn't.  I did not say that but.... He believes it was implied.   I didn't sobbed this time.  I just went to sleep.  In the morning I took breakfast to my mom and told my mother.  She just smiled.  Little background about my mother.

She doesn't like men.  She's not gay, she just can't stand them.  (courtesy of my father).  But you know who she likes?  Crab.  Yes she does.  She really likes him.

So I was telling my mom about the argument and whining saying he wasn't gonna pick up the phone and I was calling and texting and showing my mom the texts and I said

"Mommy I luuuuuuuuuv him!"
And she says "Diana I know you  luuuuuuuuuv him.  And he  luuuuuuuuuvs you! You two are so ridiculous." and she laughed

I continued to call him and then finally he picked up.  And I said "Hey.  You want breakfast?"  he said "ok"  and I went over there and brought him breakfast and pretended like the entire fight never happened.  I didn't stay long because I had Mini and  I had a party to do (I do face painting for kids parties).  After the party I called and asked if he wanted to try a new burger spot.  I got us some burgers and we ate and watched The Godfather Trilogy.  Then I dropped him of at The Spot at like 12:30.  When I drop him off, he stays past closing (cause his friend works there) and then catches a ride with a friend.  I texted...

M: Home
C: Ok.  Muffin (his homie) isn't here. So I'm gonna take a cab home tonight.
M: Want me to wait up?

No response.  Around two he calls and I said

M: Hey .  Want me to come get you?
C: Yeah and then you can just stay over

So I went and we chilled watched tv. He mentioned how I always pretend that everything is fine like he never said he didn't want to speak to me.  I laughed cause, yup I do.  And if he didn't want to speak to me he wouldn't.  I wouldn't be able to come over and pretend would I?   So we did good things Saturday night/Sunday Morning.  I was knocked out cold.  I kissed him... Yeah I did. And are you ready......

Drum roll please!

I fell asleep with my head on his chest and slept this way most of the night!  Yup I did!  I did! Yeah I did! And I want to sleep like that again!
And again!
And again!
It felt SO nice! I'm smiling so hard right now while typing this.  That is BIG for me.  BIG!  Not only did I get close to him.  I stayed close to him AND fell asleep!  Do you know how I feel? I feel like I did one of the scariest things ever to do in my book of scary things to do.

  • Spend the night SCARY.
  • Cuddle with someone you actually love. SCARY.
  • Sleep around someone.  SCARY.
  • Sleep ON someone. SUPER SCARY

Aaaaaaaaw Yeah.....

I didn't wake up until 11:00 (which is unheard of for me.)  I stayed until like 3:00 then went and picked up my Mini from his dad's.  YUP he stayed at his dad's.  I had to be shiesty and drop him off then be like "NOPE I'm not coming to get him and I'm in New York so you can't bring him home!"  But hey. he hasn't kept him or even let him come over in.... I don't know how long.

Sunday I talked to homeboy and he was all...

I called you

And I was all

Yeah I know...

And that's it.  We didn't really talk.  just silence. And then I was all "Call me back later."


  1. oooooh chile you is really trying to grow up. I see you over there. take your time and hell you know when you are ready to let go.


  2. Takes a bow!
    Thank You!
    Thank You!