Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend recap (Blah blah blah)

Hey Yall!

Ahhhhhh Monday.  Well recap of the weekend

Friday - Friday at work I cried all day because me and Crab were having it out and he said he needed to cut ties with me.  And I bawled and bawled and bawled till he called back and took it back and said "It's okay, we're good".  Mini had a sleep over directly after school so I dropped him off.  I wanted to go to Crab's but I was SO DRAINED from all of that sobbing I took a shower at 7:00 and then went almost right to sleep.

Saturday - Homeboy and I were supposed to go shopping for the boys.  At 6:30 I was awake and told him to call me as soon as he woke up and tell me what we were doing.  He text back at 9 and said "Why are you up at 6 in the morning thinking about sneakers?!?"  After that I called Crab and told him I wanted breakfast so I went and picked up breakfast and went there.  And then I stayed there until around 5pm.  So obviously that means Homeboy flaked.  Again.

I went to see my dad and he's doing good! While I was there I get a text from Homeboy at 5:44.  I didn't notice it until 6:30

H: Where are you!
M: On my way to pick up Mini
H: Why?

I didn't respond.

He calls.

Then immediately says he'll call right back

I had left my charger at Crab's and I was chilling at my girl Sweetie's house so my phone went dead.

Sunday I woke up and did some chores.  Got lunch for Mini, Crab and me and just chilled.  Homeboy called maybe an hour before the game. I nagged a bit and we talked for a while.  He went to a Superbowl party at his aunt's house and then called when he got home.  We talked for a while.  We stayed on the phone until we were both falling asleep.  He is going to get Mini's sneakers since he flaked out.  Which is fine.  He seems to like being generous with the cash lately.  I don't get him. Wants to spend money but not time. Strange.

I'm glad I spent Saturday with Crab anyway.  We have a good time and it's relaxing.  And his bed is super comfortable.  I should have been laying on it these past couple of years!

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