Monday, February 27, 2012

That's a First!

Well The weekend was uneventful sort of... I guess me spending the night at Crab's was eventful because I've never really spent the night before.  I'd always get up and run off like my coach was going to turn into a pumpkin.  I'd do this at 4am, 5am even 6am.   I'd just kind of lay there wondering when it would be either ok for me to leave or was it ok for me to stay.  Friday I laid down probably around 8:00pm with absolutely no intention of leaving.  I came over in my sleepwear and got cozy.  And in the morning I definitely felt my usual "Run!  Run!  Where are your shoes?!?!?!?  Hurry up!  Get Out of here!" but I resisted and put on a movie to watch.  Then he seemed to want something different than our usual Dunkin Donuts breakfast which suggested to me he didn't want me to run off.  And I was there until like 2:30 and the only reason I left was because  my mother was like "Ummm.... come get your child.  And hurry up." Otherwise, I would have put on another movie and kept chilling.  So it was kind of a first.

Last night Mini and I went over there to watch the All-Star game.  It was so/so.  Mini and him are more than acquainted but Mini is hyper (as I told you before).  So I don't bring him with me often b/c being hyper combined with him just being excited to be there turns into super hyper.  It's just not a situation for relaxing.

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