Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sigh...... (good sigh)

Had a great Friday Saturday with Crab.  Well... last night we just slept.  I caught up on the Braxtons while he drifted in and out I think when he was sleeping I was awake and then while I was sleeping he was awake. Then this morning woke up and he wanted fish and grits.  So we ate, relaxed, I watched a movie he did his facebooking twittering we watched Teen Mom 2.  I love watching tv with him because we always have great discussions about what we're watching.  Then my mother called and was ready for me to pick up Mr. Mini.  I wish I could have stayed though.  We are like perfect chill partners.  We just relaaaaax.  Watch tv... relaaaax moooore. This is a first for me.  Never had that with anyone.  Where we just chill out together and talk and laugh. I love that about him. We're actual friends you know.  Not just sex partners. 

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