Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hey. So Crab is just giving me crap about he should be able to do what I do blah blah blah. I'm telling him no blah blah blah. Same shit as always.  I called him at 3:48am because I couldn't sleep. Usually I text first then call. So he thinks I'm on some check up shit. Really I just couldn't sleep and wanted him to keep me company.

Well weekend and disability is almost to an end.  Tomorrow I'm going to spend my last lazy day with Crab.  I should do a champagne toast to the time we spent together this past 2 weeks.  I think it was such a bonding experience laying in the bed watching movies all day everyday for 2 weeks.  He says he's learned so much about me and that I'm much crazier than he thought and he wonders how I've held all of the crazy in for 2 years.  I've learned that he wakes himself up snoring, talks in his sleep and points his finger in his sleep.  I've seen it all before but now it is confirmed to be everytime.  I've also learned that our differences of opinion about Love and Hip Hop and Braxton Family Values make me extremely frustrated.

I apologized to Homeboy for saying he was a disappointment. Even though he is I think I shouldn't have even said anything about it.  Its not that serious you know?

I've told you all I do face painting and such on the weekends right?  So this chick who always hires me for her daughters birthday parties opened a little tea party dressup spot.  It has cupcake and cake decorating classes for kids, sells cupcakes and cake pops.  You can have parties there or just do playdates for I think $10/kid.  Well she secured me as the resident face painter for the parties. Yesterday was the grand opening so I spent 2 hours yesterday painting princess faces.  The Grand Opening was a huge success so it looks like I will be busy.  I charge $80 an hour so this should work nicely!

Saw Homeboy for a little second tonight. He is full of compliments. He likes to play on my hair and smell me. Lol. He says he wants to punch Crab in the face. He called Crab a loser for not wanting to be with me.  I said they both be losing when someone else scoops me up.

I better go clean up.  It looks like we've been robbed in here!

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