Sunday, January 22, 2012

A lil babble

Percocet makes me horny.

Same ol same ol round these parts.  Last week I spent everyday laying on Crabs bed watching movies.  It felt like I never want to do anything in life other than that forever. I loved it! 

Tonight Homeboy and I discussed maybe taking a trip to Cabo. Cue laughter.  I said

M: Homeboy you know what dates with you are like?
H: what?
M: unicorns.  They don't exist.  They'd be nice if they did though.  But they don't...

Well.  I took a percocet so I better go to sleep while its got me relaxed.  Been having a hard time sleeping.  My back aches where my kidney was.

Sweet percocet dreams ladies (and gents if there are any reading)

1 comment:

  1. I get like that when I take Ambien.. Or enough Benadryl....