Tuesday, December 13, 2011


OMG!  I'm suffering from EXTREME HUNGER the past couple of days.  MY GOD.  I am just hungry as hell!  This morning I had a coffee, 2 pieces of toast and an egg.  That should have been cool.  but then I got hungry again so I grabbed a Naked Power C Machine smoothie.  Killed that.  Now it's 11:41 and I'm STRAVING.....

I'm back.  Crab called.  He had a possible silver lining today.  I am praying that this work opportunity pans out for him or else Crab will be without a gig!  So that would be just another punch to the gut if this doesn't work.  Technically after tomorrow he will be without a job. Sooooo... gut already punched.  Just hopefully it won't get too bad.

Today I told him I'm his girlfriend I don't care what he says. I'm claiming me for FOR him and he officially has a girlfriend.  I told him we have the following

-We are bestest friends
-We do nasty things
-We don't do nasty things with other people
-We hold each other down through troubles
-I love him
-He loves me even though he doesn't say it a lot.
and that's all we need!

He laughed and said so that's all we need huh?  You're just gonna make yourself my girlfriend?  That's how it works?  I told him that's how it's gonna work.  That's what it is and that I couldn't claim him for myself because he doesn't want to be claimed by me and he doesn't have to tell the world that I'm his girlfriend but I am.  And i told him watch...  when you're sixty  it's gonna hit you like ding ding ding ding diiiing.  I LOVE THAT GIRL!  And he's gonna be all "I wanna be with you" and I'm gonna be all "Baby, you were never without me."

Then I told him lets go away for the weekend.  Lets go to Baltimore.  And he said "What are we gonna do in Baltimore.  And I said go to the harbor and to the aquarium and hold hands. And he laughed and said "Go to lunch I'm going to go get a coffee."  and I said OK!

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