Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just, you know... talking.

My Crab is having another rough time.  It seems like every other month life comes along and punches him dead in the face.  At first he seemed so unaffected.  He would adjust or fix and keep it moving.  But as time goes I see things are taking more time to recover from.  He's so stressed and with good reason.

As a woman its so hard to tell when to back off with the supportive stuff.  He's so strong but I know he probably needs a shoulder sometimes.  He probably needs a hug every now and then.  But one thing I can say is when shit gets really bad he talks to me.  And sometimes I just listen because there is nothing that I can do to help.  Other times I try and make him laugh.  Other times I can help and I do.  So I will just give him whatever support he asks for right now and if he wants to talk about it I'm sure he will.

Sigh... My Crabby Crab Crabster.  I just want the best for him always.

Later on the same day

I talked to my Crab.  I told him I wished I could be there with him.  He said "I know you do".  Then I sat on the phone with him in silence.  Him doing whatever he needed to do.  Me doing my work.  But I liked that he didn't hang up.  He just kept me on the phone while we both did what we needed to do. It was like the closest I could be to sitting next to him!  :)  Every now and then he'd say "What are you doing"  and I'd say "working"  and then we'd just continue.  Eventually he started telling me about what he was doing/needed to do.  I'm pretty good at what he needed to do so I told him to forward me his documents and I went to work on them.  YAY!  I was able to help!

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