Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm on the Do Not Call List

This Morning...

Via Text

M: You on a Train?
C: Waiting on the Jitney
C: I see you called by accident this morning

** check my phone history**

M: No I didn't. That was that bitch. It's Me.... Diana!
C: Oh I meant to send that to Girl(one of his daughter's friends)
M: See....
M: That's that bullshit
C: You are trying to press my buttons too early in the morning
M: I'm sorry Baby. Punish me later.
C: Don't call me today!
M: I said sorry!

CTFU. I'm not gonna call him. But it totally cracked me up when I read

"Don't call me today"


  1. Wait what...ok maybe in my sickened haze I'm not able to properly understand. What just happened here?

  2. He got angry because I insinuated that he was texting a girl that he possibly could have been involved with. So he got got angry and told me not to call him today.

    I called tho.

    He said

    Why are you calling me?

    I was like I was just joking. And I was. He didn't believe me tho. But he said ok.